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I am spoiled by handmade coffee every morning (thanks to that handsome man in the photo, my husband, Andy), love Mexican food and playing music way too loud! You’ll find me at Beer City CrossFit most weekdays coaching classes, and cheering on my Atlanta Braves and Falcons whenever I can.

But mostly, I love making people happy and living a life full of love and laughter! 

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What started as what I thought was just going to be a stop-gap solution while looking for an engineering job has grown into a profitable lettering, art and design business.

Joy Unscripted began with hand-lettering, expanded to pointed-pen calligraphy and evolved to encompass more and more. 

I now offer full invitation design, day-of signage, on-site chalk art and hope to expand the educational side of Joy Unscripted in 2022.

Joy Unscripted

The Studio

We all know who runs the show around here...
even if they sleep on the job most days!

Begging to go inside and outside constantly is really just them making sure I don't sit at my desk too long. Pawing at my arms and legs just reminds me that no one has had breakfast yet. And we all need a good reminder to laugh and play a little more!

The Real Bosses!

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I am proud to be a member of Engaged Asheville! This studio is a community workspace for wedding professionals and local creatives.

Not only is the space beautiful, but I have met some incredible vendors and friends here!

The Studio


My Wedding 4/15/22


6-Figure Revenue Year


Create DIY Templates


Snorkel in Great Barrier Reef


Snowboard out West


6-Figure Profit Year


Buy Our 1st Home


Vacation in Bali


Hire a Team Member


See the Northern Lights

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